Friday, 4 March 2011

Abi D Presents "The PissTape" Out Now


The PissTape - Not a Mixtape, Not a Pisstake but a PissTape!

After the release of "G-Strings and Socks", Scribe Tribes debut album, Abi-D, now 26 years of age has used this opportunity to tell the world a little about him self. This is a great freebie for all Hip Hop heads, as soon as the bass kicks in, you know you’re in for something special.

This PissTape Delves deep into the personal and material life of civilsation. It makes for a humorous yet moving form of Hip Hop with some old school beats like "Kiss of Death" and witty barz like "Making Love" & "Money". Music fans can stop foaming at the mouth and grab a 
copy of the PissTape. Take some time out stop taking the Piss-Take a FREE copy of this from Abi D and support UK Hip Hop.

All Tracks featured are solo produced from Abi D, with the final mixing and mastering coming from Zram Records.

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